Love less think more

At what point do you say stop;


Enough is enough.

This love is too rough.

I surrendered my translucent lights

to a second chance at life.


A pure, unequivocal love

was what you deserved.

When I placed my self-preservation

beneath your restoration,

used my gentle hands to heal

a heart broken two-fold too many times,

you forgot how to love right.


Forgot how to break apart selfishness, vindictiveness, forgiveness,

I will never un-love your brokenness.

Why do you continue to make me this mess

of love, hate, fire, slate.


Packaged away, compartmentalized,


I will never un-love your hate;

or the loss of a fate,

stained with mistrust and mistakes.


I will never un-love the break

of glass spreading pieces of our faith

across my living room floor.


I will never un-love your face,

or your haste in jumping to conclusions,

jumping to judgments just because

your mind has no time to waste.


I will never un-love this place,

that once was a home now it’s just

traces of your past;

my future,

mixed in together,

left behind to waste,

because your pride

was bigger than our love.


Make no mistakes.


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