I have always had a weird fascination with staircases.

They are life’s means to get places. The staircases in my life have taken me to discover new things.They have also lead me to heartbreak.

But above all one thing about staircases remains the same, they have always provided me with a sense of wonder as to what I will find at the top or bottom of them.

One of the most surprising characteristics about a staircase occurs when it is traveled in the dark. Even a set of stairs that you have lived your entire life ascending and descending becomes a challenge of memory and an element of surprise when you lose your sense of sight. Suddenly, you must rely on past experiences to navigate this seemingly ordinary structure. The most drastic effect, however, occurs right when you reach the top. Right when you think you have one more stair to go, you lift your foot up in eager assurance only to have a brief moment of panic as it crashes down into a vast nothingness.

That step you thought had been there in fact never existed.

Staircases in the dark provide a new puzzle to a redundant orifice in our lives.

They are a true test to how closely we pay attention to the insignificant details encompassing the world around us.

Staircases in the dark are a small memoir to intricate line we dance between panic and exciting in navigating a world we assure we confidently know until we turn out the light.

Kelsey is just an average human being trying to invigorate positivity, integrity, possibility, and compassion back into the world.