to build
you need

-you always came first



I hope I was the one

to make you realize love isn’t a game.

What you say matters.

What you do matters more.

Bruises-whether you see them or not take a very long time to heal.

I hope out of all of this you show others more kindness than you showed me.

That you prioritize your relationship with yourself before anyone else.

That you open yourself up to the love you deserve,

and if you don’t, you’ll hurt people

because hurt people hurt people and

second chances mean you put in double the work of reversing triple the damage.

You see people are icebergs, what lies beneath the surface is a mystery

until you ask.

But even then you’re not entitled to an answer without trust

you’ve built through taking the time to learn her, read her, know her.

Not destroy her or control her.

She is a delicate flower you can’t expect to open up and be beautiful for you

the day after you crumple her.

She’s always gonna be too good for you.

Even at your best she will still be too good for you

because love is a choice and she chose to love you

despite your walls and lack of vulnerability.

Second chances don’t come easy so take advantage of every day,

every moment.

You only have here and today, yesterday is gone and packaged away.

Who do you want to be? What do you wanna say?

Don’t waste your time defining dismay.