one day
i hope you
wake up only
to right your wrongs
own both sets of bruises,
the ones you have and the ones you’ve made
until then,
don’t confuse kindness with entitlement.

you never deserved me in the first place.



I don’t know why I did it.

I am so sorry.

Why do these words pervase the human race?

Stop stringing words together like

you don’t really know the reason why

hurt people hurt people.

How can you claim love

when you still have one hand

deep in the pages of someone else’s book of poetry?

Love fast love hard they say,

but what about loving without fully closing our previous book?

We always forget how strong gusts of wind are

and you had loose pages you couldn’t hide anymore.

pocket rocks


where are you in between today and ten years?

It’s not a mathematical equation;

50 percent here 50 percent there

80 percent now 20 percent tomorrow.

My yesterdays a collection of polished rocks I keep

locked away in a blue velvet pouch.

Magnifying glass broke from bending to see the future

when all it’s been inspecting is the past.