it’s not that I didn’t want to let go,
i didn’t know how.



Breathe. Just breathe in this fresh air and breathe out worry, fear, uncertainty, and stress.

Breathe out the desire to belong. You are here and you are valuable. You are needed.

Breath out your insecurities. To love others fully you must love yourself first.

Breath out imperfection. I will always give my greatest effort and that will always be enough.

Break down the walls you have built up to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings. Build up your most authentic you-for this is how the most meaningful relationships begin.

Breathe out excessive worry. This life is short. Be present to engage in all it has to offer each and every day.

Breathe out disapproval. Do the things you love most because they bring you joy. Do things for you and no one else.

Breathe out fear. Your ideas and your talents are far too valuable to be bound by the chains of insecurity.

Breathe in love, acceptance, and life.

Breathe in you.

Just breathe.