I’ll wait for the day

we can lay everything

that’s on the table between us,

where the only thing left

is smoke from our old souls;

ablaze by the burning of each others



I needed to write this

Love wasn’t enough to save you.


This world exploded faster than a trigger,

my mind becoming paralyzed, desensitized,

attempting to wrap itself around the culprits of our demise.


You were only sixteen.


Sixteen candles illuminating a bright future that will never know

the sound of your voice or the love in your heart.


Sixteen brilliant ideas capable of changing the world,

that now lie lifeless on the ground,

destroyed before they saw the daybreak of a better tomorrow.


Sixteen nails hammering themselves through

broken hopes, dreams, and possibilities,

into a dark, hard place not invited by will.


Why does our world look like this?


Why instead of love we preach hate,

instead of building trust we build walls,

swallowing pills instead of mistakes,

digging graves instead of deeper into ourselves,

instead of loyalty we





Why are we so broken

and continue to stay broken

breaking our children over our own pride,

teaching them to break each other more every day

teaching them that words don’t matter,

actions don’t matter,

human life doesn’t matter.


You matter.


Your ideas matter.

Your soul matters.

Your song matters,

and until we learn to sing together or we will stay singing hymns

that come too soon,

praying for the day love will save us too.


I don’t know why I did it.

I am so sorry.

Why do these words pervase the human race?

Stop stringing words together like

you don’t really know the reason why

hurt people hurt people.

How can you claim love

when you still have one hand

deep in the pages of someone else’s book of poetry?

Love fast love hard they say,

but what about loving without fully closing our previous book?

We always forget how strong gusts of wind are

and you had loose pages you couldn’t hide anymore.