I don’t know why I did it.

I am so sorry.

Why do these words pervase the human race?

Stop stringing words together like

you don’t really know the reason why

hurt people hurt people.

How can you claim love

when you still have one hand

deep in the pages of someone else’s book of poetry?

Love fast love hard they say,

but what about loving without fully closing our previous book?

We always forget how strong gusts of wind are

and you had loose pages you couldn’t hide anymore.


You know a love like this isn’t easy.

In fact it’s impossible,

but that’s what this is it’s two impossible people crashing and burning yet

welcoming the destruction of themselves with open arms.

They’ve never felt more alive,

more vulnerable,

more in touch with the world,

in touch with each other.

And even though all she wants to do is run the other direction,

she is swallowing her pride like she swallows fear,

she looks in the mirror and says this is who I am.

I am nowhere near perfection but I am trying and I will continue to try because






Instead of letting her flaws burn down the sunshine and smiles she will let him in.

You are right there beside me as we build this person I want to become, together.

Brick by brick, your hand interlocked with mine, together.

We are building myself together.