the smell of loyalty
in my perfume
would linger
after I walked out of the room






This world needs creation. It is entirely too large to simply be filled with the existence of our bodies.

It needs you. It needs us to fill it with art, music, words, and dance.

It needs you to create.

When you create your attention to detail, vulnerability, and countless hours are the windows to the bold proclamation that our lives are colored and layered, remaining quiet until we peel them back to expose the weight of their power and significance.

Our lives are ablaze, burning to be expressed and shared.

Quench the thirst of the world and all its inhabitants with your overflowing emotions, eclectic thoughts, innovative ideas, radical opinions, and pouring passions.

Quench our thirst so that we may not burn together in silence but float hand in hand through the waves and currents of an ocean filled with the colors of our lives.

Connect us back together.