The recipe of life

to fall in love
you must lick the wounds
of all your past loves



Would you pretty please
be so kind as to
get the fuck outta my life.

Words you deserved
words you misheard
used an an invitation
to fuck other women.

And when she showed up
at your house,
I didn’t wait.
I didn’t hate.
I didn’t even yell in your face.

You couldn’t tell
if the silence meant
I was taking it well
or just trying to push the pieces
back in place.

You were wrong motherfucker.

That’s what numbness looks like,
that’s what years of empty promises
years of drug abuse, misuse
years of lying, screaming, fighting, misleading
looks like.

You think your side ho
phased me?

Nah motherfucker, I seen worse you best believe.