Close your eyes
to open your heart.
Can you hear the whisphers
of the stars
as the universe conspires
in your favor?

Continue to love yourself,
sweet child
and I promise you’ll
end up right where
you’re supposed to be



I hate that
you show up uninvited,
as always.

I thought I had you
washed away,
but the sand that fell
out of my purse
said otherwise.


Against my better judgement,
I am ready
to share myself
with you.

I am ready to crack
this idea of perfection
with 24 years
of hammers.

I am ready
to communicate,
to learn to love,
to be honest with myself.

To trust,
to put faith
in a world
I know
remains broken.

To shed my skin,
free myself of the stained remains
of who I tried to be.

I am ready to be who I am.


I wasn’t raised to feel,
I was raised to think.
To bottle,
to blame,
to fake perfection at the expense
of my self-worth,
my confidence.
Any signs of cracks
were shamed.
I don’t know how to navigate
a mess of a world that thrives
on passive-agression.

-my mother’s answer to problems is therapy