What colors does the world have when everything is at peace?

Right now all we have is red,
staining our vision and our streets.



Giving a woman flowers when you have hurt her is an insult.

Women don’t deserve flowers when you have messed up, they deserve them at all times.

Why? Because they are beautiful. In all ways.

Like the way she makes you lunch and cooks you dinner, and gives you an extra for your freezer.

Like the way she does your laundry, and folds it to perfection.

Like the way she smiles, laughs, and exists in the world. Her tenderness is a phenomenon that is unmatched across the seas. She is pure light.


Giving a man flowers is not an insult.

Men deserve flowers because flowers are beautiful. And they are beautiful to admire. Just like the women who love them.

They work hard to fill a paradoxical glass of success, created by someone who is not them.

Men deserve flowers when they are upset, because they are human and they are allowed to be. The world has no mercy, it is cruel to everyone, and it’s not fair that half the souls who occupy it aren’t allowed to feel.

Men work hard to protect the women who love them, for softening their hearts for their children, for being compassionate and thoughtful.

They deserve beautiful things and beautiful souls.